Friday, December 23, 2016

The Gift of Frankincense

As far as God is concerned there is a sweet, wholesome fragrance in our lives. It is the fragrance of Christ within us.  2Corinthians 2:15

Ever notice how certain aromas evoke recollections of your former days and ways? They can be so powerful, you remember details about the past you wouldn't think of otherwise. Like the time I returned to my favorite beach in California after being away for 20 some years. It hadn't changed much, especially the smells that wafted in and out with the fresh breezes. There were ocean smells of salt, seaweed, and fish; boardwalk smells of beach barbeque, suntan lotion, and patchouli oil. The scents brought a flood of memories of people and conversations and events from the year I spent living there -- fragrances that caused me to say, "Now I remember what it was like."

Interesting that one of the expensive gifts offered to baby Jesus by the Wise Men was Frankincense -- an aromatic substance used for religious ceremonies, for medicinal purposes, and for making perfume. Frankincense was said to represent life, and I'm sure that the fragrance of the precious resin stayed with Mary forever after as a reminder of the precious Life she brought into the world. Just one one whiff of the perfume could transport her back to those sacred moments when the Son of God came to life in her arms, giving His life to all people as a sweet-smelling incense.

The apostle Paul says that when we devote our lives to worshiping and following Christ, we become like incense that rises to God, reminding Him of His Son. And we become the perfume of Jesus' life to the people around us.

Do you have the fragrance of Christ today because you have offered Him your life? Can others catch the scent of Jesus from you?

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